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Ecommerce Development Services.

Get optimal viewing and interactive experience for your ecommerce website.

Responsive Web Designs

We deliver our work using responsive designs having developed a base for faster and higher quality delivery of a merchant’s prospective, a front-end framework, based upon bootstrap, responsive front-end code.

Design Analysis

We request our clients to discuss about the design beforehand so that we are informed about the things we need to keep in account during the process, such as corporate guidelines, design influences and branding.

Requisite Elements

Our team gathers some preliminary assets such as logos, commercial fonts, IA/sitemap and category structure as well as example homepage content like banners, images, social media accounts and company information.

Style Guide

Style guide lays out the appearance key components of the site such as fonts, colour references, styles, logos, buttons, links, tabs, rollovers, images etc. in a simple and easy to use document.

Design Rollout

We use the lo-fidelity prototypes as the base and with direction from the style guide, the whole HTML is produced for all the web pages.

Ecommerce Optimisation

Our team at Conflate Web Technology is there to help our customers in making incremental gains by aiming to improving key areas of their website’s performance and usability.

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We work alongside our clients to specialise their websites into beautiful ecommerce designs that can turn casual browsers into regular buyers.


We Improve your Business Efficiency

Solving ecommerce problems requires technical expertise and well-build experience. Our ecommerce EXPERTS is carefully look up on these factors.
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    Avail our distinguished ecommerce strategy by our experts.

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    Creating one-of-a-kind ecommerce plans for your business, thus, getting a good customer response.

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